Women's Health

  • Non-stop Migraines

  • PMS

  • Unstoppable Sugar Cravings

  • Weight that won't budge

  • Bloating

  • Uncontrollable Menopause

-We have you covered!

Dr. Kseniya has found the best solutions to help navigate women of all ages.

Her combination of bodywork and nutrition can help reset you body and lead you to ultimate wellness. 

You work together as a team towards that one goal----a healthier, happier YOU! 


During the first visit we will dive into your history, exam, and spinal assessment. If time permits and there are no red flags, it will be followed by bodywork and an adjustment. At the second visit Dr. Kseniya will go over her exam findings and customize a plan just for you. 


“Dr Gershberg has been excellent in guiding my journey in chiropractic care. The improvements in my poor posture have improved and I feel aligned and balanced
She implemented nutrition into my care as well, and that piece has brought my over health to a new level. I started with the 28 day detox which reset my body to accept food as a healing to my physical and mental wellness. Dr. Kseniya also has an expertise in functional medicine and tested my body for what it was lacking. My mental fog, menopausal sweats, sugar cravings disappeared and my energy increased immensely! I can be skeptical about programs and plans that heal, but Dr. Gershberg is the real deal!”

— Wanema

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