A Guide to Wellness with Dr. Kseniya

Step 1-Book online an Empowered Initial Visit or an Empowered Prenatal Initial Visit. When booking please select which practitioner you would like to book with and the time slot. The first visit with Dr. Kseniya includes history consultation, exam, bodywork, and adjustment.  
*Times are changing and we are adapting. A Virtual Initial Consultation is available if needed. This is where we get to meet online through my telehealth portal and go over the history, introduce you to the practice, answer any questions, and jump-start you on the essentials as needed. The visit is 30 minutes. Please reach out to the office if you would like to schedule.
Step 2-Empowered Analysis: This is a virtual visit where Dr. Kseniya will go over the report of findings to create the best care plan for you. 
Step 3- Chiropractic Adjustments & Bodywork: According to the care plan we will schedule you for in-office visits and as needed Integrative Health virtual appointments. 
Step 4-Receive online support and educational resources once you become part of the EMC Family. Dr. Kseniya's "Foundations Program" has been changing lives daily. 
Dr. Kseniya prides on seeing her patients as a whole and helping them implement the Empowered Lifestyle that she has developed to help you achieve your goals. 
*This is NOT a practice for you if you are searching for a quick fix. Healing is a journey and it takes time. Dr. Kseniya takes time and gives her patients attention to help support them in any part of the journey. She hopes to help you thrive and succeed as she has helped many of her patients. 
Please reach out to the office if you have any questions. We are here to help. 
We want to hear from you:


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