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My Instant Pot Borscht Recipe

Russian recipes are my favorite but they take way to long to make. I took my grandmother's delicious homemade borscht recipe and transformed it to cooking in modern day society using the instant pot. Whether she is cringing or applauding me for saving time, I am not completely sure but hope she is proud either way. I hope you enjoy this delicious & nutritious recipe with your family!

Ingredients:  1. 6 beets 2. tomatoes 3. cabbage 4. carrots (I use baby carrots) 5. 1 onion 6. spices: basil, parsley, oregeno, bay leaves, salt pepper 7. mushrooms (optional) 8. Celery (1 stalks) 9. organic tomato paste 10. Chicken or Beef 11. 3 potatoes 12. Cooking oil (my favorites are coconut oil or avocado oil)

How to make it: 1. Get all the vegetables washed and cut into small pieces, except for the beets and the tomatoes. Toss into the instant pot but leave half of the onion chopped for later (step 6). Cook the beets separately on the stove. 2.  Wash the meat and cut it into small chunks. Toss into the instant pot. 3. Add spices. (#6 on the ingredients list) 4. Fill up the pot until the max level with water and close the lid tightly.  5. Set it to Soup and change the time to 20 minutes if you are using chicken or 35 minutes if you are using beef. 6. Heat a frying pan with oil. It's time to make my Grandma's famous homemade sauce. Throw in chopped onions, small can of tomato paste, crush fresh tomatoes into it, and half a cup of water. Drizzle half a teaspoon of salt and pepper. Simmer on medium and close the pan with a lid. Turn off after 10 minutes. 7. When the instant pot is done cooking then do "Quick Release" and wait for all the pressure to come out. Open the lid carefully and add in your tomato sauce. Stir. 8. Chop up two beets and add it into the soup.  9. Using a grater, shred the remaining beets into the soup. 10. Mix together and taste. Don't forget to post your pictures below and share with your friends:)

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