• Dr. Kseniya Gershberg, DC

Empowered Nutrition

Often times we put food into our mouth and not even think about it. I heard the saying, "your body is a temple, nourish it well" during Chiropractic school but it didn't hit home yet. I was mostly healthy, normal BMI, exercised, and ate well at least that's what I thought except for the occasional sweets.

It wasn't until I was postpartum and learned that my body wasn't just going to "bounce back" as expected that I started really thinking about nutrition. I learned it first hand how unprepared we were for postpartum as I had no time to cook with balancing a newborn and full-time graduate school. We would eat out a lot and cook easy meals when we could. The first year as it is for many families was more about survival, but I also started not feeling so well. Health deteriorated for my husband and I as we were two stressed out full-time working parents who were also sleep deprived. Without any family around to really offer help or back up, we struggled to nourish our bodies. It really wasn't until I moved back to the Bay Area that I started following functional medicine and my desperation to find out what was really wrong with my body led me to my first consult with Dr. Donofrio, a well-known Chiropractor and President of the American Chiropractic neurology Board.. "I don't want to die" I pleaded as tears rolled down my eyes. No one knows what I have but all I know is I'll do anything to keep being a mom to my toddler. Dr. Donofrio had a heart of gold and unlimited knowledge. He gave me a big hug along with a protocol and sent me along. I promised that one day I would pass it forward.

After six months, I felt better. I slimmed down, gained energy, and realized this was only the beginning of my journey. My body however got back to health quicker than expected and I was able to get pregnant right afterwards. I immersed myself in the world of functional medicine from seminar to seminar, taking his Y-file seminar first. I started on my journey to receive my Applied Clinical Nutrition certificate and never stopped learning. Along the way I learned the Schaefer protocol and added it to my practice. The Schaefer protocol is a pre-conception protocol founded by Dr. Marcia Schaefer focusing on getting your body healthy again. The combination of research, the seminars, and my clinical expertise led me to offer Empowered Nutrition at EMC.

I remember when I was rushing from doctor to doctor into the unknown. I remember when I just wanted to get my life back and just be a mom. I am here to help you thrive, get your life back, and never look back again. Chiropractic, nutrition, and bodywork together played a huge role in my life and helped me survive. I want you to know that at EMC you will always feel supported and looked at as a whole person, not just a label.

The world may be filled with a lot of unknown right now but I know my Empowered Healthy You Guide can change a life. Prevention is key and I invite you to jump start your health journey instead of waiting an extra day.

With gratitude,

Dr. Kseniya

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