Empowered Fertility

Our comprehensive preconception health program designed to get you healthy! We utilize the Schaefer Protocol as well as Functional Nutrition to guide your body to better health.

When you are healthy, your body is in an optimal state to get pregnant, you will grow a healthier baby and minimize the chances of passing on genetic traits like tongue and lip ties to your new baby.

Empowered Fertility Entails:

  • 1 virtual tele-health initial visit

  • 1 in-office visit: Exam and treatment

  • 1 Personalized Empowered Lifestyle Plan to optimize your health

  • Empowered Fertility Online Program to help you optimize your health and hormones

  • Chiropractic Sessions to Optimize the Nervous System

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39 Quail Court Ste 105 

Walnut Creek, CA