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Hey Mama!

My name is Dr. Kseniya Gershberg and I am a mom of two as well as a Chiropractor for moms & babies. I combine my clinical expertise with my motherhood experience to make the perfect plan for you. I know it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect place but I can assure you that you are here. Once you walk through that door, you are part of the EMC family.

  My Story...

I grew up playing around with teeth in my parents dental lab. My curiosity for the medical world continued and I studied at San Francisco State University for my undergrad where I graduated as a Bachelor of Biology with emphasis in Physiology. My love for science and research developed into spending hours at the UCSF Diabetes Bluestone lab where I was published in multiple research papers. I decided to pursue my love of science and helping people by attending Southern California University of Health Sciences where I graduated in 2014 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. In the same year I received DONA doula training to help support moms during childbirth. After working for the prestigious Berlin Wellness in Los Angeles, I moved back to the Bay Area to serve my community. In order to provide the best care for families, I completed additional training with International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, am Webster's certified, and hold a certification by Nourish Professional on Lip & Tongue Tie. In the midst of my own healing journey I found functional medicine and emphasize nutrition in my own practice. I see all ages in practice from birth and onward. Healing is a journey and I look forward to being on your team. 7 years ago I was standing in your shoes. No where to turn and no idea what I was doing in the prenatal world. I was pregnant with my first, had limited resources, and was on a mission to share all of my findings with the world. After many postpartum challenges I knew that I had to make a change not only for myself but for all of the expectant moms. No matter how ready you feel... Whether this is your first or third baby... You need an ideal birth team that will lead you through your prenatal and postpartum period. I am ready to be on your team, to help support you and to EMPOWER YOU.



"I believe in ongoing learning, constant teaching, and empowering moms"- Dr. Kseniya


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